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A Brief History

Laurence Salamey started his career in biology and analytical chemistry with Remet Company, an international silicon company in 1983. Laurence was responsible for the Remet's research and development as well as quality control divisions. With his focus on bringing better products to the marketplace, he often invented his own formulations. After inventing his own successful formulation of electrolysis nickel-plating material, Laurence formed his own company, Northland Chemical, in 1985 to manufacture this new material.

Northland Chemical began to expand beyond nickel-plating and became very active in the industrial laundry business. Northland Chemical continually produced superior products resulting in an annual growth of 25% for the company.

However, a common practice in industrial laundry is to supply the customer with pumps for metered distribution of the purchased chemicals. This is commonly done with the use of peristaltic pumps to pump the highly corrosive chemicals. The main difficulty with peristaltic pumps is their inability to continuously deliver accurate metered amounts over a long period of time. This required the user to perform continuous maintenance by constantly replacing tubing inside the pump head which led to Laurence's increased frustration in having to provide these inferior pumps to his clients.

This lead Laurence to develop the first Inductive Pump.

Inductive Pump Corporation was established in 1998. Inductive Pump technology is based on a magnetically driven fluorocarbon polymer coated piston pump. Other than the check valves, there is only one moving part…the piston. There are no flexing plastic parts to eventually wear and crack as with peristaltic and diaphragm pumps, and there are no gaskets or seals to replace due to mechanical wear.

The Inductive Pump's proven technology has found success in many industries including, but not limited to, the chemical milling, food / pharmaceutical processing, waste water treatment, deep water environmental, and petrochemical industries.

Both Northland Chemical and Inductive Pump keep Mr. Salamey a driving force in the creation of better chemical products and the delivery systems that process these chemicals more accurately, more efficiently, and more economically.


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Inductive Pumps Magnetic Driven Chemical, pH ORP Control Metering Pumps