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Inductive Pump Technology

Inductive Pump Technology
  • Self-Priming; Highly Accurate
  • Handles the Most Corrosive Chemicals (We guarantee it)
  • Handles the Most Difficult Solvents
  • No Tubes or Diaphragms to replace
  • No Mechanical Seals to Leak

Our Patented INDUCTIVE PUMPS employ the very latest in pump technology.  INDUCTIVE PUMPS use electromagnetic's to drive a completely encapsulated internal piston creating a positive displacement of the piston within the piston cylinder.  By using one-way check valves, both ends of the piston can be used for pumping and suctioning simultaneously.  This provides for highly accurate, repeatable, and programmable metered pumping.  Since the polymeric coated internal piston is the only moving part, the INDUCTIVE PUMP is almost maintenance free.  It requires no lubrication, eliminating oil or lubricants that can contaminate contents or surroundings. Plug it into 110volt wall plug and you have a "working pump" with the immediate on/off and rate control. 

The INDUCTIVE PUMP is a self-contained, seal-less unit that will not leak.  There are no rotating motors, shafts or seals that can wear out and cause contamination.  Also there are no tubes or diaphragms to replace as with peristaltic or diaphragm pumps. 

Enjoy the simplicity!  INDUCTIVE PUMPS are Safe, Reliable, Accurate, Programmable, Economical, Durable, Maintenance-free, Leak-free and Guaranteed.

® U.S. Patent #5713728 and #5899672


"Inductive Pumps solve difficult lubrication problems" Heinz P. Bloch
Heinz P. Bloch Pump User's Handbook- Life Extension Heinz P. Bloch is the co-author of Pump User's Handbook- Life Extension. He is Hydrocarbon Processing's' Reliability/Equipment editor and is a practicing consulting engineer for Process Machinery advising process plants on reliability improvement and maintenance cost reduction issues. Read what he has to say about Inductive Pumps in HP's September 2001 issue! HP 2001Article

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Inductive Pumps Magnetic Driven Chemical, pH ORP Control Metering Pumps